• 1000 Leaflets for just £45.00
  • 1000 Leaflets for just £45.00
  • 1000 Leaflets for just £45.00

1000 Leaflets for just £45.00

June 13, 2014 Universal Print News, Offers 0 Comments

If you are familiar with Universal Print then you will know that there is always something exciting going on every month. This month you can purchase 1000 single-sided leaflets in full colour for only £45.

Leaflets are one of the most effective methods of marketing. In an era when many businesses get carried away with technology it can be easy to forget the traditional techniques that have not lost any of their power with age.

Providing customers with leaflets is the most direct approach to advertising. A phone call can be irritating and easily hung up on, an email can be instantly redirected to the junk folder, but a leaflet is tangible, catches the eye and is always scanned over regardless of what it is for.

If you have an idea of who your target audience is then you can take your business right to their doorstep. If you target students for example, it makes a lot more sense to drop leaflets through the doors in a known student area rather than spending a lot more money advertising online where you have no control over the age, lifestyle, interests, or economic status of anybody who is going to see it.

Leaflets are one of the simplest ways of promoting your business which is why they are so successful. Without the rambling descriptions that are often found online, a leaflet is concise and to the point; often just featuring a picture, the name of a place/event/business, a date and time, and a short description. This is easy for people to scan over, understand, and remember.

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