• What will go onto your Christmas card?
  • What will go onto your Christmas card?
  • What will go onto your Christmas card?

What will go onto your Christmas card?

Dec 11, 2014 Universal Print News, Christmas 0 Comments

For those of you who are not aware, we print Christmas Cards so if you have your own design and you want to turn it into a stylish greeting card to send to your family and close friends you can have a unique card created especially for you while you wait.

A lot of families like to send cards with a cover created by their children, if you have youngsters who love to doodle and make things then this is a lovely idea. Alternatively if you’re a creative person and are interested in making your own £5 A5 greeting card, here is some inspiration regarding what might be put onto it:


For some people he might represent the commercialisation of an important event in the Christian calendar, but for many people-religious and otherwise-he is a symbol of the fun and childlike excitement that Christmas brings. Famously made red by Coca Cola, the big guy with the huge beard is a highly popular figure on festive cards!


Another popular motif is to have snowmen. Easy to draw and create, snowmen are a very popular feature especially if you are designing your own card and don’t want to make it too complicated. If you have kids, then they can easily make a little “3D” snowman by sticking some cardboard between the card and the little figure.


Rudolph and his friends are another festive tradition for your Christmas cards. From the fun and easy to make (top left) through to the delicate and sophisticated (bottom right), they occur in all sorts of forms on Christmas cards.

To find out more about how you can design your own Christmas cards this year and have them printed very quickly so that you can send them out ASAP, get in touch with us or have a browse of our website to find more details.


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